Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Shai Mediterranian Cafe

Shai Mediterranian Cafe is located on Monroe St. across from Target. Tucked into a new strip mall, the decor is modern and comfortable. Feel free to bring a laptop and/or a newspaper to read while you wait. Orders are placed at the sandwich counter as you walk in. The wait staff will bring it to your table once it is prepared.
The food was delicious. Our ticket included a kafta sandwich, chicken shwarma, and a gyro platter. Serving sizes looked small at first, but were satisfying. Everything tasted fresh and hot. And I can't say enough about the coffee. If you are a coffee hound like me, you can appreciate the java buzz right as the first sip touches your tongue.
Dinner at Shai was a slightly stressful experience for me, perhaps because they haven't quite worked out all of the "service" bugs yet. The kitchen seemed to only be able to focus on one order at a time, and the server forgot our drinks. These things will only improve with time, and I am looking forward to returning to Shai for another meal.